D.A. Krasner –

I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Katelin Gorski, and I am the sister of Olivia Gorski. It’s quite possible you’ve heard her name before – recently she’s publicly been referred to as the “soulmate of Milan Loncar.” Have you heard of him? I sure hope you have.

In light of the events of Wednesday, January 13 I feel it important to highlight some of the new skills you’ve attained, some of the new things you can add to your resume, if you will. Everyone deserves recognition for their accomplishments.

You now have a record that bears responsibility for the taking of a young man’s life. Milan Loncar was walking his dog near his home in Brewerytown, minding his own business when he was senselessly murdered by Josephus Davis — the man who was released from prison just two weeks before, due to the negligence and lack of interest from your D.A.’s office. In case you don’t remember, your office agreed to lower his bail to nearly nothing, allowing him to walk and add a major case to his already-lengthy rap sheet.

That brings me to your next new credential: changing the life of so many people for the worse. Thanks to you a mother will never hug her baby boy again. A sister will never walk around the block to have a family dinner with her brother. A girlfriend will never get to see what amazing memories the future held, and countless friends will never share laughs over dinner and drinks.

I think I should personally thank you too, for without you I never would have gotten some of the opportunities I’ve recently had. You gave me the chance to listen to my 23-year-old sister cry while assisting the mother of her 25-year-old boyfriend in planning his funeral. Without your actions I may have never seen first-hand just what kind of evil exists in the world. If you hadn’t made countless errors, I wouldn’t have had to say goodbye to one of the best young men I’ve ever had the pleasure of calling family. Maybe thank you isn’t the right phrase — instead I’d like to blame you for all these things.

Milan’s family, my sister, and every other person who loved him so much will suffer from your actions for a long time. Eventually we will begin to pick up the pieces and heal and aim to live our lives with the same kind hearts and smile Milan held. You, however… well I think you are incapable of living with a good heart. Instead, you will live with the blood on your hands for the untimely death of an amazing person — but hey, I hear this isn’t a first for you.

Other families have raised their voices too, so I know I’m not alone. There are the Peongs, who were “stunned” when your office gave a sweetheart deal to the man who tried to murder their father Mike at his West Philadelphia store with an AK-47, dropping attempted murder charges and letting him walk in less than ten years. 

Other families have raised their voices too, so I know I’m not alone.

There are the Wilsons, who were “disgusted” by your office’s deal with the men who killed Sgt. Robert Wilson III while he was buying a video game for his son. 

There is the widow of SWAT Cpl. James O’Connor, Terri, who similarly believes his killer should have been in jail. 

There are the Jones’, whose seven-year-old son was murdered by somebody who, like Josephus Davis, should never have been walking the streets in the first place. 

And there are the Schellengers, who can credibly say that your office suppressed evidence that would have convicted the man who killed their son.

Do you see a pattern here? It’s you, and you’ve left death, destruction and sadness as your legacy in Philadelphia. 

As I’ve said on video, I would never wish what happened to my family on yours or anybody who works for you. I just wish that the people under you learn from their mistakes, though I am doubtful you can learn from yours. 

Thank you for your time, and while my parents always taught me to wish people the best, I just don’t have the ability to do that for you. 

Katelin Gorski is the sister of Olivia Gorski, whose boyfriend Milan Loncar was killed while walking his dog in Brewerytown on January 13th. 

20 thoughts on “Katelin Gorski: An open letter to District Attorney Krasner, from the family of one of his victims”

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. And I’m doing my best to get everyone I know to vote Krasner out in May, so he can no longer impose his sick, twisted agenda in this city. I think you’re being too generous calling these mistakes. He knows exactly what he’s doing, and that’s what makes it evil.

    1. The parties must have a certain number of registered voters in order to achieve ballot access. There is a movement here in Pa. Pa Independents are working for full voter rights for independents ( i. e. referenda/voting in primaries without affiliation). This is what is needed, or they will just run him unopposed.

  2. He doesn’t really wirry about walking the streets and encountering the bad guys he had a hand in getting sweetheart deals and are back out on the streets committing violent crimes again.
    He lives in Chestnut Hill.
    He has no remorse for the victims or their familes because they continue with his policies at his office.

  3. It is time for the good people of Philadelphia to vote this disgusting human being out of office. Anyone registered to vote that is not registered democrat needs to change their party affiliation to democrat so this dirtbag can be defeated in the upcoming primary election.

    1. You know they will run him unopposed in the primary, perhaps even in the election. Have seen no challenger for the D.A. slot previously. Was angry when Abraham tried someone (cannot remember his name, but fled the country) in absentia. Unconstitutional, and an enormous waste of money. She was on the ballot unopposed. Sorry Edward. Marie

  4. I think all these families should get together and go to the Attorney Generals office and see if something can be done with Krasner and his office.
    Or get a lawyer and try and sue him facilitating the murder of your love one,
    His is a piece of shit

  5. I whole heartedly agree with this letter and the other comments but let’s not forget how Mayor Kenney has also run the city into the ground. And how about Danielle Outlaw allowing the murder rate to continue to grow exponentially. They too must be removed in the unlikely event they find the courage to resign. Condolences to all the families and friends affected by this city wide lack of leadership.

  6. Maybe time for the state to step in and take over some of the prosecutions ??? He is one of the prime reasons I will be moving out of the city – I have a fear I never had previously walking the streets since this clown took over the role of DA and handcuffed the police.

  7. I think that not only does Kramer need to go, but a good portion of his staff. As they say clean up the entire office. A clean slate would be a breath of fresh air for the law abiding people of Philadelphia.

  8. This is a brilliant letter. I am so sad reading this. I do not know Milan Loncar, but it broke my heart when I learned about his tragic murder on the news. Milan was young, handsome, had a great smile, and I could just sense that he was kind. I am brokenhearted for his mother, family, and your sister who will never get over this. They have to roam this earth suffering an unimaginable loss because of the mind blowing stupidity, and negligence of others. I hate Josephus Davis. He’s an evil monster who should burn in hell. This monster should not have been on the streets with multiple armed robberies on his rap sheet. My head could explode thinking about how angry this makes me. I’m praying hard for your sister and Milan’s mother and family. Your letter is very well written.

  9. It’s because of terrifying cases like Milan’s that I now carry a gun with me everywhere I go in Brewerytown. But please, do not throw the Schellenger case in with his. They are very different. I know the family very well. They are extremely corrupt, have overly aggressive sons, the mother is crazy, and the dad is a snake. Ask why did Sean get out of the car to stack another person, ask why did they find cocaine in his vitreous humor on autopsy. Ask why does he have a history of violence. Ask why was he rejected a permit to sell alcohol in his restaurant.

  10. My family too is a victim of Krasner’s policies. Our son, Tommy, was shot to death by Khalif Tuggle. He also had recently been paroled and was trolling the streets looking for his next victim. Unfortunately he found Tom. It was all caught on video. A slam dunk case – murder one said the prior ADA. Then in comes Krasner and a plea deal is made without our knowledge or consent. They gave him 15 years for 3rd degree murder. He will be eligible for parole @38. What do you think a 38 year old convicted murderer who has been in trouble since he was a teen? He had countless gun charges dropped. If he had been properly charged and convicted, he would not have been out to murder my Tommy.

  11. Larry Krasner is despicable – a sociopath (as most cunning leaders are), void of empathy and human decency.
    George Gascon is the DA in Los Angeles, another sociopath. Both were put in office by billionaire George Soros.

    Katelin, my heart is broken for the loss of this sweet, young man. No doubt, he was brought up in a loving home, surrounded and supported by endless love and devotion.

    When will we all realize the depravity we see is the direct result of fatherless boys. No family life. No fathers, no male mentors, no support, no supervision, no interest in school, no values, no accountability, no familial responsibility. The welfare system single handedly destroyed family life.

    This is the new political agenda and Milan Loncar lost his life because of it. Please reach out to Dana Perino or Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

  12. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know exactly how you and your family feel. We’ve been through this exact experience and unfortunately when I saw the story of Milan it brought back all the emotions of when we suffered because of Krasner. In 2017 my brother in law Gerard Grandzol was murdered in Spring Garden.
    When I look at the face of the DA…he is pure evil!
    Please reach out anytime.

  13. I’m so very sorry for your loss. I honestly don’t understand how this piece of garbage is still DA. Not only does he need to be REMOVED from office, he needs to be put in jail for the lives he’s destroyed.

  14. I wouldn’t even want to dignify the POS DA !!!! but this is what the constituency wanted…..Nutter said he had a “white Privilege ???”” he has a “Privilege” all right I wouldn’t call it a “white privilege though ?? !!!

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