While some turn a blind eye, PA Coalition of Public Charters CEO Lenny McAllister refuses to ignore the issues plaguing schools.

“Education empowers everybody,” says McAllister in this discussion with 1210 WPHT’s Rich Zeoli. Students need “the oasis of good schools immediately,” not a half-baked online education crippling kids’ mental health and neglecting critical youth developmental periods.

“People that are already locked in generational poverty are likely going to be there for another two generations; they’re clamoring for choice now more than ever.”

“With school choice comes equality as a citizen. It comes with self-determination in the fullest sense, and it comes with the ability to eradicate some of the woes we’ve been facing for quite some time.”

A must-watch attack on the “alphabet soup cabal of education” stifling school success.

– The Editors

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