“There is nothing in the constitution that says you are entitled to your job!”

So says, Kira Davis, a mom and editor at RedState, in this epic message to teachers unions that are refusing to go back to work in the face of contrary evidence that Covid-19 is NOT spreading in schools — and in contrast with charters and public schools that are open!

“Parents are so sick of this. We are not amused… we are sitting at home watching our children fall into listlessness, and depression, and confusion…

“We care about our kids’ safety more than you care about our kids’ safety. And if we thought for one minute that them going into the classroom was going to kill them or you, we would not be advocating for it.

“We’re not murders, and we’re not morons — we’re parents. And we’re watching in real time the results of your selfishness.

This is a must-watch and share for #NationalSchoolChoiceWeek especially.

– The Editors

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