(The Center Square) – The nation awoke on Wednesday morning still far from certain about election results, with the largest swing state prize – Pennsylvania – still outstanding.

As of 7:30 a.m., county election boards have only counted 64 percent of the ballots cast statewide, leaving contested congressional races in the southeastern, western and northeastern regions of the state too close to call.

Pollsters so far have tabulated more than 5.1 million votes, with about 55 percent of the 2.5 million absentee ballots left uncounted. Some 85 percent of precincts have reported, according to state data. President Donald Trump currently leads former Vice President Joe Biden 55-43 percent.

Seven counties waited until Wednesday morning to begin canvassing mail-in ballots, preferring instead to devote manpower to long lines at the polls on Tuesday.

Turnout hit 6 million statewide in 2016, meaning projections show that 2020 will be greater still.

Christen Smith follows Pennsylvania’s General Assembly for The Center Square. She is an award-winning reporter with more than a decade of experience covering state and national policy issues for niche publications and local newsrooms alike.

This piece was originally published in The Center Square. Read the original article here.

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