Broad + Liberty sat down for an in-depth, exclusive interview with Linda Schellenger, whose son, Sean, lost his life in a violent encounter in Rittenhouse Square.

In part TWO of this exclusive, Linda discusses the trial, evidence suppressed by Larry Krasner’s prosecution, and how Krasner’s DA’s office turned its back on her family.

“[Krasner] is definitely the attorney for the killer… I am not the only mother that this has happened to.”

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2 thoughts on ““I am not the only mother this has happened to”: Watch part TWO of Linda Schellenger’s bombshell interview with Broad + Liberty”

  1. I have tried and tried to find some information about Michael White’s sentencing. The Tribune has painted a picture of this man as a College Student? Poet? Had a Job? etc. None of which is true if you look beyond the hype. He got off a Bike, interjected himself into an altercation he was not involved in, and stabbed someone with a Knife, and killed him. He has never spent one hour in jail and we are not allowed to find out his punishment.

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