One thought on “LISTEN: Christine Flowers talks about #MeToo hypocrisy with AM 990’s Chris Stigall”

  1. Hello Christine, thanks for sitting in for Chris this morning.
    The discussion on CRTheory was exceptional. When I go back to Obama’s 2008 Hope & Change nebulas slogan, I thought the Dems would reject him. When he became president and wrote policy without congressional consent, I thought his own party would not agree with his intro to socialism. Midway through 2009 it became evident that the Democrats & Left Stream Media crowned him Borak The Magnificent. “All for One & One For All.”
    Allow me to prove a point. Reverting back to the 1960’s, as you know, every potential school teacher in America was subjected to the new college program of infiltrating the “ISMS” into the indoctrination. Millions of new brainwashed teachers passed on the Proff’s intro to socialism, all the “isms,” to their young students.
    We now have 60 years of Demon crat anti-American descent, all coming to a screaming crescendo, a boiling caldron of socialistic demands coming from our school boards. People with a Communist agenda that’ll rip the US in two. They are using racism to create racists. Reject their demands and you are a racist pig.
    And now, to the gist of this email. Missing from your discussion are the pregnant drones that must deliver the school board’s devil child. Do we hear anything coming from the Brainwashed School Teachers of America? These are the recipients of all the new taxes to pay for a the CRT that could cause a civil war… A FAN A DA SHOW

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