The American Spectator has a fantastic, incisive piece by David Catron on the “impeachment by focus group” our country is presently witnessing, where the entire constitutional process is being manufactured, as if it came out of a laboratory, to please as many of the Democrats’ key voters as possible.

[The Democrats] rebranded President Trump’s alleged offenses, according to a Washington Post report, after the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee conducted a number of focus groups to test their messaging…

‘Bribery’ and ‘extortion’…may play well in focus groups, but it has no real application in the context of the Democratic impeachment inquiry. 

Of course, nothing is new about trying to swing voters and claim the highest ground possible for your political cause. What is new is how flagrant this effort is, and how easily abetted a mostly left-leaning media establishment.

After “The voters just yawned” at “quid pro quo,” the Democrats are trying a new tack. For many, it doesn’t matter if it’s fair or just. The question is, will it work?

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