From the Inquirer this week: “Thousands of city employees in Philadelphia have been overpaid because of problems with the new OnePhilly payroll system since it was launched this year, and the city is still trying to figure out how much extra cash it paid out.”

About 12% of city employees (over 3,800 of them) have been overpaid at some point this year. How much money was erroneously sent out by our new $40M IT system, and to whom exactly it was sent, the City of Philadelphia still cannot figure out.

Pity the workers, especially, who will now see their own paychecks dinged, and probably not in an organized manner:

One employee with the Department of Human Services…described the experience of being overpaid. After noticing he was paid about $2,000 more than expected in one paycheck in April, he realized the city paid him for working 27 hours on a single holiday, when he had actually worked just two hours that day.

Worried he would get in trouble for pocketing the unearned cash, the employee notified his superiors and connected with DHS’s human resources department. He also requested a meeting to confirm he hadn’t received extra money in other checks. But six months later, that meeting hasn’t taken place, and the employee’s extra cash hasn’t been recouped.

“I wouldn’t want $2,000 pulled out of my check,” the employee said. “I have savings, but it probably would bounce my account, to be honest. I still don’t even know whether my checks are correct…. They don’t know if I’m being shorted money or being overpaid.”

Read the full article, preferably while shaking your head, here.

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