Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Helen Ubiñas has had enough of Philly’s “progressive” District Attorney Larry Krasner, and his view of actual victims of crime — you know, the folks a prosecutor seeks justice for — as an inconvenience to his partisan goals.

From Friday’s piece on families of victims of crime speaking out against Krasner and his turning a blind eye to their plight:

About time.

That’s what I thought earlier this week, when I saw families of homicide victims protesting outside the Philadelphia office of the district attorney.

It was an outburst of anger and frustration that had been building from the moment, just a few days into Larry Krasner’s new gig, when families were shocked to learn that he had fired 31 staffers, including prosecutors, compounding their grief with cuts that delayed some of their cases.

Forget the Krasner Spin Machine™, which disingenuously paints legitimate criticism as politically motivated or “fake news” — when they’re not demanding blind loyalty to his agenda. What worried these families, and what should have worried anyone who voted for Krasner in 2017, was the move’s tone-deafness.

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One thought on “WOW! Ubiñas @ Inquirer: “Angry families of murder victims protest DA Larry Krasner””

  1. Krasner’s callous disregard for victims of violent crime, in shameless pursuit of political posturing, makes him unqualified to be DA or hold any public office.

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